When it comes to safety, AWS believes in the TEAM concept. Together Everyone Achieves More.

We pride ourselves on providing a strong safety culture that promotes awareness, 100% employee participation, management support, communication and a safe work environment for all its employees and subcontractors. We believe the only way to complete a project is with zero incidents.

We challenge all our clients, supervisors and employees to help us better ourselves, all the while improving ourselves. Our safety management team provides its superintendents with a strong foundation in safety guidelines and standards. We go beyond our safety curriculum to bring our safety culture to your project and site requirements.

CBT/Pre-Qualification: Prior to any job assignment our employees must undergo a pre-qualification training, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Drug screening
  • Computer-based safety training
  •  Light equipment operation training
  •  Forklift certification
  •  Man lift certification
  • Fit testing and 100% tie off policies.

Our safety culture depends upon all its employees having an awareness and understanding of the potential hazards they may encounter from day to day or even minute to minute as conditions change.

HASC/TCSC: We make sure that all our employees have current basic plus safety certifications as well as fit testing and specific equipment training. They must keep up with the most current and advanced courses to ensure our and your safety.

Jobsite specific:  We train our employees to your site specific standards and provide advance training where needed.

Daily JSAs:  JSA or Job Safety Analysis is the front line for our safety program. All employees at AWS take part in JSAs, from our most senior managers to our first-year helpers. We educate and raise awareness about jobsite hazards not only on a daily basis but also as the scope of the work changes. Our goal is to have a constant awareness of our surroundings.

Jobsite/Shop Housekeeping: As we all know, a clean jobsite is a safe jobsite. AWS always takes the needed steps to ensure that your project remains neat and tidy.

On Site Observations:  We train all our field employees and supervisors to be safety representatives in the field. Our field employees work with our safety managers and observers to identify all hazards, job wide, not just the ones that affect us directly. As everyone is responsible for safety, our onsite observations are reviewed and corrected through the proper channels, working closely with the site safety management teams. We put the finishing touches on our TEAM culture by having 100% participation.

Supervisor Evaluation of Employees: Our supervisors and safety professionals are constantly evaluating employees and on-project personnel. We offer advanced training where applicable and we are always open to suggestions from our client safety professionals.