Need a repair for your existing pressure vessels, storage tanks or exchangers?

We have in-house licensed API inspectors and repair specialists who can give you an on-site evaluation of what repairs will be needed, as well as a team of certified craftsmen that can get your storage tank or vessel back in service on time and within budget.

Need an emergency repair for your existing tanks, exchangers or vessels?

No problem. AWS provides 24/7 call-out repair services. Because we hold GC licenses in most states, AWS can mobilize anywhere in the United States. Our professionals can also remove your existing tank and/or repair it at a moment’s notice.

Another important AWS service is repairing exchangers and boiler tubing. This work can be tedious, but AWS has the experience and dedication to provide the quality service you need. We can take your inspection reports on your exchangers and either remove and ship them to our repair facility or service the exchangers on site.

All exchanger repairs are fully stamped and licensed as well as tested to the latest code requirements. These types of repairs are directly tied to ASME code tank fabrication and repair.

Regardless of the type of repair, all our teams adhere to the highest level of safety standards and entry requirements.

To learn more about our repair services for exchangers, storage tanks and pressure vessels, email us or call us today at (409) 440-8143.