We encourage client input on the storage tanks and pressure vessels we design and fabricate for them. AWS works closely with our clients in a collaborative process and provides the extra support they need to pick the tank or vessel that will best suit their process requirements.

Onsite evaluations of tank requirements are one of the many critical services AWS offers. Our experienced designers and engineers can review your chemical storage needs and develop a vessel or tank that will better fit your requirements, producing a product/tank that will match your needs without extending your bottom line cost.

Using FEA software, we create 3D models with calculations based on API, UL, AWWA, and ASME codes. We use the COMPRESS program for our ASME vessel calculations and verify all calculations as per code and inspector.

Once our models meet with your approval, we follow the appropriate standards to produce complete design and fabrication drawings. Most of our models for pressure vessels and storage tanks can then be imported into other CAD software for plant design, such as our tank farm design and process skid and modular designs.

In fact, AWS can develop a skid-based tank system for nearly any product by evaluating your blending requirements and building a specialized plug-and-play skid that can be shipped and installed at your facility.

We also design and pre-engineer large, on-site bulk storage tanks and vertical tanks, which our installation team can erect and service at your location.

If needed, we can also prepare stamped engineering design drawings for your pressure vessels and storage tanks.

To learn more about how AWS can engineer and design the storage tanks and vessels you need, email us or call us today at (409) 440-8143.